If you need help dealing with emotional pain – anxiety, depression, anger, feelings of low self-esteem or worthlessness – or if you are having relationship problems, please feel free to contact me at Maria Brent Counseling and Psychotherapy in Westmont, NJ. A therapist for twelve years and a registered nurse for thirty years, I welcome you.

In my practice you'll find a safe place, respect, support and compassion, so you can better begin emotional healing. I'll provide you tools culled from both ancient and modern treatment methods with which you can create a fuller, richer life. The approach to your problems will be holistic, combining attention to physical health, stress management and spirituality. One particularly effective mode of therapy is "Acceptance and Commitment Therapy." If you'd like to learn more about ACT, please click here.

Our goal will be to decrease your suffering and increase your wellbeing. Together we'll figure out how you want to be in your life and how to go about it.

My work brings me joy and I'm grateful for the privilege.


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